Zola Nene’s 5-minute mug cake is about to make your day

Celebrity chef Zola Nene has created the most delicious chocolate-coffee mug cake recipe ever. With the LG NeoChef microwave, it’s easy to follow and flop proof. Give it a try and let the results speak for themselves.

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  • 60ml cake flour
  • 5ml baking powder
  • 30ml cocoa powder
  • 15ml instant espresso coffee powder
  • 60ml icing sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 45ml milk
  • 45ml vegetable oil
  • 5ml vanilla extract
  • 45ml chocolate chips
  • Ice cream or custard to serve


  1. Whisk all of the ingredients together in a 300ml microwaveable mug or bowl until smooth and blended.
  2. Microwave on high power for 90 seconds.
  3. Top with a scoop of ice cream or custard, or both, and serve.

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