“You grow a beard better than dad” – and other honest compliments from kids

Kids have a way with words. And don’t we know it. When it comes to the way we look and how we dress, our littles treasures can be both our best, and worst, critics. Moms from the Facebook group The Village took to social media this week to share some of the “flattering compliments” they’ve had from their kids during lockdown, and they range from very flattering to the brutal truth!

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Here are some of the comments:

  • Mommy, you’re so lucky you have thin hair. Mine’s so thick it’s hard to get into a ponytail.
  • Were knives and forks invented when you were a child?
  • I love you so much Nan, even though your face is all cracked up.
  • No one cooks like you.
  • My son asked me why my belly button looks like a dog’s bum.
  • My eagle-eyed child told me I grow a better beard than his Dad!
  • Mosquitoes only bite me because I’m young and sweet… they never bite you hey mom? Is that because you are old and sour?
  • Mommy, why does your eyebrow have grey hair?
  • You’re not fatty, you’re comfortable and spongy.
  • Granny, why do you have so many dongas on your face?
  • Your tummy is soooo big and squishy… said with a big smile and lots of cuddles.
  • Mom you’re not fat you just have big bones!
  • Mom, if you were on Nailed It, you would win every time!
  • Mom, why do you have holes in your legs?
  • If your tummy was a little smaller, you’d have the perfect body!
  • Son: You are not the Boss of me. Me: Who is the boss of you? Son: Cheese is…(Jesus)

They say honesty is the best policy, but is it any wonder we’ll need to hit the gym when Spring rolls in – or resort to a glass of wine to drown our sorrows?

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