7 lessons from our customers over 7 years

I was over the moon when I first chanced upon a solution to help babies sleep longer by harnessing the power of touch. I had discovered that placing an ever so gentle weight on my son’s chest mimicked my touch, calming him instantly and helping him get longer stretches of uninterrupted sleep. I had read countless scientific studies that supported my findings! I couldn’t wait to share this discovery with parents and teach them how to get their babies sleep better with the help of our Zen Sleepwear.

Now 7 years—and 1 million sold units later, I realize that it was you, our customers, who have shared with me and taught me. As we have designed products, shared information and galvanized communities, it has been your sleep issues, your heartfelt feedback, your victories and your dreams that have helped us chart our course.


At the 1 million sold product mark, I’ve learned 7 invaluable lessons from you over these 7 years, that guide me in life and business.

1. Authenticity

You’re not like anyone else; you know your family is its own brand of perfect. Like you, we present our authentic self to you. We may not always get it right, but we embrace our uniqueness and are always true to our values, vision, our own brand of perfect.

2. Transparency

You reach out and share ideas. You believe in giving your honest opinion, never holding back. To be true to you, we try to be transparent too. We share with you all the things that matter in your decision making, to earn your trust in caring for what is most precious in your life.

3. Curiosity

You’re always inquiring, researching, probing, finding the answer, finding what’s best for your baby. Like you, we are relentless in the pursuit of betterment. We keep researching, pushing our limits to find new ways to serve your needs to find better quality sleep for your baby and you.

4. Quality

When it comes to your kids, you never settle for second best. Ever. Same here. Our highest quality standards strive to bring only the best for your baby. The most tender touch, the softest fabrics, the easiest zippers, the sturdiest snaps and accessories to last whatever life throws at you.

5. Perseverance

Parenthood isn’t always a picnic and sleep issues can get you down. But you keep going, you stay buoyant and optimistic and determined. You tweak, adapt, try new things. So do we. We are building Nested Bean with a similar purpose and tenacity one strong step at a time.

6. Compassion

You teach your children compassion for others to form better stronger and more tolerant communities. That’s what we’ve done—and will continue doing. Our compassion for your struggles fuels us to do better each day in our pursuit of the best for you.

7. Vision

You always look ahead- to where your child will be in 10 years….to what you want for them, how to give them the very best head start. That’s what we’ve done—and will continue doing.

As we celebrate this 1-million-sold milestone, we see that it was shaping to these lessons and your values that made it all possible. A million babies are sleeping better now—all because of you love, support and feedback. So, I want to mark this occasion by sending you a million thanks, from the bottom of my heart.

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