5 fun social distancing games kids can play this weekend

We’ve been given the green light from President Cyril Ramaphosa to light the braai fires and see our friends again. But, while it will be great for kids to see their friends again (and us), COVID-19 hasn’t disappeared and we should still follow safety measures to protect ourselves against the virus.

The chances of kids wearing their masks while they play are practically zero, so make it fun, and safe, for them to be together with one of these social distancing games.

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Noodle tag

This game is perfect if there are more than 3 players. Give each child a pool noodle, and whoever is ‘it’ have to tag their friends using the noodle. Pool noodles are soft and bendy, so no one will get hurt and it prevents the kids from getting too close to each other.

Freeze dance

Let’s face it, along with lighting the braai fires, the tunes will also be going around this weekend. Let the kids join the party by having a freeze dance competition for them. Play a fun song and let them dance it out on the lawn, and when the music stops, they have to freeze in the position they are in. Go on like this for the whole song. They’ll love showing off their dance moves.

Treasure hunt

If you have a nice big garden, hide some toys or treats for the kids to find. You can make it really fun and draw a map for them (if you have time), or otherwise just randomly hide things in the garden and let them find it. It will keep them busy for hours (and a safe distance apart from each other).

Cookie decorating

Bake a batch of cookies or cupcakes and set up a station outside where the kids can decorate their own cookies or cupcakes. Give each one their own bowls with decorations to limit the spread of germs.


This game is great for a large group of friends. Get everyone to stand in a big circle, and nominate a detective who then needs to leave the circle and go stand somewhere where he can’t see or hear the rest of the group. Then pick a child to start doing something fun like jumping jacks, making as if they’re brushing their teeth, etc and get the other kids to imitate him. The ‘detective’ then returns back to the middle of the circle and they then have to figure out who the leader is giving the instructions for the moves. The detective has 3 guesses. In the next game, the leader becomes the detective and so it continues.

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