WATCH: Time lapse video of little boy growing up with his dogs

If you had a pet growing up, you’ll know just what close bond you had with him/her. Parents often worry whether or not it’s safe to have pets when you have a baby, but as you’ll see in this super sweet video, dog is man’s best friend – no matter what size or age.

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The time lapse video starts with a mom showing off her bump with one of her dogs licking her belly (seems like he’s already in love with his soon-to-be best friend). Another couple of photos of the pregnant mom and her dogs feature before the first video of the little baby comes up where he snuggles with one of the dogs as a newborn and from there you won’t be able to contain the silly grin spreading all over your face and the warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart as you watch the dogs and baby bond over the years. The little boy smiles as a newborn, laying with his head on one of the dogs – completely content to be with his furry friends.

There are just so many sweet moments in this video, it’s really difficult to pinpoint our favourite – but we love how the three of them sleep together, sometimes the little boy cuddles the dogs, other times, the dogs cuddle him. They help him eat his dinner and play with him outside, they swim with him and celebrate his birthday with him. They watch movies together and eat popcorn…

It’s really the sweetest thing you’ll watch all day.

Watch the video here.

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