WATCH: Katy Perry reveals her baby’s nursery

We can just imagine how excited singer Katy Perry must be as she counts down the last few days before welcoming her baby girl into the world. So it’s no surprise when the star took to social media to give us a “little sneak peek” into the sweet nursery she’s created especially for her baby girl.

In a live stream on Twitter, Katy invites us into the small, pink-themed room, whispering, “I’m going to show you my baby room.”

Slowly panning around the room with her laptop, the first thing the heavily-pregnant star zooms into are some teeny, weeny baby outfits hanging on display on hooks against the room’s bubblegum pink walls.

She then shows us where her baby will be sleeping: a white, wooden crib is set up against a large window draped with heavy, floor-to-ceiling, lavender-toned curtains. A whimsical cot mobile made up of pink-coloured circles is suspended over the crib.

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Katy has added some modern touches to the room, like the metal, pentagon-shape light fixtures attached to the walls. These cast a soft-glow over the room. There’s also a narrow white floating shelf that seems to hold some baby books.

A comfy, light pink reclining chair “which she loves so much” has a white blanket casually draped across it.

The changing area she’s installed boasts a full-length mirror, a cute purple changing mattress and some nappy supplies.

What we love about her nursery is that it’s so practical and unpretentious, yet Katy has made it feel like a little cocoon waiting to be filled with warmth and love.

Watch the revealing below:

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