Mom’s genius trick to get her kids to calm down before bedtime

We all know what a struggle it can be to get boisterous little ones to settle down for the night, so when we read about this mom’s clever trick to get her kids to calm down before bedtime, we had to share it with you.

According to a report, when Jessica D’Entremont, a mom of two young girls, asked whether any parents were looking for a way to keep their kids still on Facebook, she had an overwhelming response.

So what was her advice? “Buy them glow in the dark PJs. Tell them they have to lie really still under the light to ‘charge’ them.”

She shared her post with the cutest snap of her girls lying flat on their backs on their bedroom floor in their glow-in-the-dark pyjamas.

She later updated the post with another trick up her sleeve – and it’s hilarious.

She revealed that to expand on her calm-down strategy, she started putting their PJs back into the drawer when they get dressed in the morning. She explained that “unexposed to light all day, they dim and do not glow in the dark when they tried to test me last night.”

This she said, reinforced “the need to lie quietly under the light before bed.”

In an interview with Parents, Jessica shared that her parenting hack was especially helpful for her daughters, as they have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

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According to the Child Mind Institute, sensory processing issues are often first recognised in the toddler years when parents notice that a child has an unusual aversion to noise, light, shoes that are deemed too tight and clothes that are irritating. They may also notice clumsiness and trouble climbing stairs, and difficulty with fine motor skills like holding a pencil and fastening buttons.

Unfortunately, we don’t know if her girls have subsequently cottoned-on to her clever ploy. But what we do know is we’re buying glow in the dark PJ’s and trying this…

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