Do you have any ideas of something I can get someone who has a grandchild in the NICU?

I have a client that I work for that I really respect. He is a real good person and we have a good relationship. His daughter just had to have an emergency c-section, 5 weeks early, became the baby was unresponsive. They had to revive the baby after he was removed. The baby had to have 2 tubes installed in him and was basically put on life support. The guy I know cannot visit his daughter or the baby because of covid. It is obviously driving him crazy not being able to be there.

I was thinking I would try to do something to show him that I care and try and maybe help him out. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what I could do. I was going to maybe buy something baby related but I didn't know if it would be bad if the baby didn't make it. Right now it looks like the baby will be ok but he is not in the clear yet. I can not imagine what I would be like if something like this happened to my son. I was just curious if someone had an idea of what I could do to make them feel better. Maybe a gift that would be appropriate for this situation, at this time. I just didn't want to do something that could make things worse. I also did not know where to ask this question. Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

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