New! Fisher-Price to launch work-from-home-themed toys for babies and toddlers

With working from home the new normal for so many of us, it goes without saying that as difficult as it is, our babies and toddlers are also starting to get used to new routines as we all try and adapt to the changes brought on by life in lockdown and the coronavirus.

Always at the forefront on the latest trends, the popular toy brand, Fisher-Price, is helping parents make playtime more fun for our babies and toddlers. Now they can join you in “working from home” with three new mini me and role play play sets.

The release of the My Home Office set, the Baby Biceps set and the Cutest Chef set were announced last week.

According to a press release issued by Chuck Scothon, Senior Vice President of Fisher-Price and Global Head of Infant and Preschool, Mattel, the collection is inspired by a number of actions that kids are seeing the adults in their lives do now more than ever.

My Home Office

The ‘My Home Office’ eight-piece playset includes a pretend laptop, four fabric apps to attach to the computer screen, a wood smartphone, a headset for calls, and a coffee cup for kids to sip.

This set is intended for children ages three months and older.

Fisher Price home office set

Baby Biceps 

Parents and caregivers aren’t just working from home these days; they’re working out from home as well. Now, babies can take part in the fitness fun with a gym-themed set that pumps up playtime. The four-piece set includes a wearable headband, a play dumbbell, a pretend protein shake and a lightweight kettle bell, according to its product listing

This set is intended for children ages three months and older.

Fisher Price Baby Biceps

Cutest Chef

And, as parents and caregivers are perfecting their home chef skills, babies can also get involved in the “cooking.” The Cutest Chef Gift Set includes a crinkle recipe card, play tongs with a meatball spinner, a chewy oven mitt teether and a wearable chef’s apron bib.

This playset is intended for baby chefs ages three months and older.

Fisher Price Cutest Chef set

Our new “mini-me” and role play toys are the latest example of how we are delivering on our promise to create playful connections between children and the grown-ups in their lives.

The playsets will be available to purchase from 28 August on

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