New dad, feeding is hard…

Hey all, My son Keeyan is an amazing little guy. But feeding him is becoming an issue. My wife and I are feeding him formula because she can’t breast feed. We’re having a hard time however. Our paediatrician is telling us to feed 2.5oz every 3 hrs (hes 5 days old) easy right? Wrong.. Sometimes hes RAVENOUS again after only an hr and a half, other times he’ll sleep for 3 hrs and only want about an ounce. Any more than an ounce and he’ll bring it back up. Then theres the burping… I’ve tried over the shoulder, tapping his little back for over 10 minutes. Nothing. Ill try on my knee leaning forward. Nothing. Ill try on my chest. Nothing. I’ll do all 3 for a combined total of 30 minutes! Nothing. Then as soon as i go to feed him he burps and spits up his milk. Any tips? I just want to make sure he’s getting all his food and that he’s not in discomfort. Thanks!!

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