Mom meet baby – moms share their first words to their babies

There is probably nothing as exciting as the moment you get to meet the little human you carried inside you for 9 months. You’re dying to know what they look like (the 4D scans are great and all that, but they don’t really paint an accurate picture of what your baby will look like when he or she is finally born.

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We asked you what your first words were after giving birth. This is what you said:

Love at first sight

“I asked if the baby was alright then it was followed by a sharp cry and I knew all was well. Just looking at her filled my heart and I just whispered ‘I’m going look after you and we’ve all been waiting for you and gave her soft kisses.” Leah Ntsime

Am I still pregnant?

“After they took my precious angel away to clean her off, I laid back and still saw this huge belly. I asked the nurse ‘did we miss one? Is there another one in there?’ They all had a good laugh at me – Elizean Laubscher

Is she alive?

“Is she breathing? I was in such a trance from the contractions and pushing I never heard her crying.” Leilani van der Wath

“Is she alive?” Kerileng Makhetha

“Thank you, God, my baby is healthy and I am fine.” Nivesha Naidoo

Is it a girl?

“With my son: Look how beautiful he is! (I was very scared he is going to be ugly like most babies are to me…) With my daughter: Is it a girl? (I wasn’t convinced it was a girl through my whole pregnancy.” Marietjie du Plessis

I can’t see!

“Turn him around I can’t see his face” Kerry Smart

Say what?

“Bull sh*t and then I started laugh-crying!! After 7 months of prepping for a girl, I woke up after my C-section with congratulations it’s a boy. It was the best surprise I ever, even though he had to stay in the NICU for 4 weeks.” Jones En Nicolene Brits

Small blessings

“Omg she’s so tiny” Ann-Dee Stevens

Grandma’s little one

“She looks just like her granny.” Loréal Du Plessis

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