WATCH: Pregnant mom pole dancing at 37 weeks – just incredible!

We’re not suggesting for a moment you try these moves, but we can’t help being in awe of Jade Flash who continued aerial and pole dancing 37 weeks into her pregnancy! And you won’t believe why.

In a video posted on Instagram, the 28-year-old professional dancer from Birmingham in the UK is seen effortlessly moving around her pole with her bump. Dressed in briefs and a crop top, she not only shows off her enviable toned body but demonstrates her agility and strength by holding a sideways split position and various inversions.

According to a video report in the Daily Mail ,she said that her tough workouts helped her cope with morning sickness and fatigue.

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“As I am so fit and healthy, the doctor said my body would be worse off if I was to completely stop,” she told Daily Mail. But she did scale down to just an hour from 45 hours a week 17 weeks into her pregnancy.

In the post accompanying the video she comments “how well her body has taken to pregnancy”.

“Being able to train all the way through has been incredible,” she says in her Instagram post,” I feel like once the little man has arrived my body is going to be stronger than ever after continuing to train with this extra weight!”

Jade, who has been dancing since she was 15, thought she was infertile for many years as she had stopped ovulating at the age of 16 owing to the intensity of her dance training. Medics had recommended IVF treatment but her period returned when she took a break about a year ago and fell pregnant while on holiday with her partner Nathan.

Jade and her partner Nathan welcomed a healthy baby boy, Maddox, to the world on Saturday.

Watch the video below:

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