WATCH: Mom makes up fun potty training song to get toddler to go potty

As all moms of toddlers will know, potty training is not a quick-win – it takes time and lots and lots of patience! But it has to be done. With spring coming up, and slightly warmer weather, you may be thinking of ways to approach it so that your child can be nappy free by summer. Maybe you’ve already started giving it a bash since you’ve been working from home, but struggling with lots of “oopsies.”

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Potty training her 2-year-old, Stacey Wright turned the daunting task into something quite hilarious when she and her daughter Ginnah made up this catchy potty song together.

Stacey posted the cute video of her daughter performing her Potty Song, “Tell Mommy when you need to Pee Pee” on YouTube. In it little Ginnah has mastered all the words and actions as her mom coaches her in the background and we’re pretty convinced by the end she has the message.

But her mom has this message for parents trying all the tricks in the book: “Who knows if it will actually work, but for any parents out there trying to potty train, this one’s for you.”

One thing’s for sure, whether it works for you and your toddler or not, the song will stick with both of you for years to come!

Watch the video below:

Here are some comments on the video after it was posted on the Facebook page @ILoveMyFamily

“I’ve used a “I’m a big boy/big girl” song and dance for both my older kids and 2 nieces and nephews and it works AMAZING!!!!! It’s kinda cheesy but hey it gets the job done! And best of all ALL of the older kids (and usually the adults around) get into it so the “potty trainee” gets super excited haha whatever works! We are all just doing our best! Parents shouldn’t be so dang hard on one another!” – Kayla Grimes

“This has been helping with Mia, and then she gets a tattoo if she poops in the potty…but don’t force it, bc then she won’t want to go…” – Montana Martins

“So, I saw this a few months ago and started singing it to my son. He’s now 18 months and I think it’s working. He hasn’t officially done anything in the potty yet, but he goes and sits on it every night before his bath and sings the song with me!!!!” – Shannil Larrow

“My daughter got a M&M for every poop in the potty… every time she’d sit, she refuse to get off until she squeezed one out and we’d stand there trying not to laugh…as soon as it would pop out she’d hold out her hand and say “M&M please” it was so adorable, my husband and I still laugh about it 11 years later!” – Faith Benjamin

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