weeLove: Davin & Adley Nursing Bras

It’s everything you’ve ever wanted….

in a nursing bra

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month. One of the best ways to celebrate the journey is by treating yourself to a sexy and super comfy nursing + pumping bra. Yep, that unicorn of bras actually exists. And there’s a whole collection of ’em…

Davin & Adley has redefined maternity and nursing bras, giving moms a range of chic styles to seamlessly breastfeed and pump, no bra change necessary. Created by a nursing mom (with fifteen years in the fashion industry under her belt), every feature is thoughtfully designed. From the quick-release sliders on the front straps to the pump liner that fits standard flanges and wearable pumps, these chic bras make feeding your little one a breeze.

And no need to fret about leaks making an appearance on your shirt… their one-piece reusable Nursing Bra Liner tucks right inside any bra or fitted tank (seriously, why has no one thought of this before?!). Because of it’s one-piece construction, it stays put (anyone else have those pads end up in their armpit?) and contours to your body so no more weird circle outlines around your nipples. A definite must-have for nursing parents, too. 

Gone are the days of frumpy nursing bras you dread wearing. Thanks to Davin & Adley, feeding can can be even more fabulous. 

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