4 more free online educational resources to keep kids learning

While Grade R’s won’t be back in school till August 23rd at the earliest, kids can still make the most of the time they have at home. For younger children, it’s especially important to keep on learning while they’re still at their peak of their physical and cognitive development. Providing them with an assortment of stimulating activities and new skills to explore is not only beneficial now, but also for the future.

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Keep your kids learning with these free educational resources:


Twinkl is a one-stop-shop when it comes to finding activities, worksheets, games and more for kids at all points of their education. They have over 675,000 resources available in their library, of which many are completely free after signing up for a free account.

They have a comprehensive range of free teacher-made resources with resources covering South African education from the Foundation Phase upwards. Some resources are also available in Afrikaans.

You can find Twinkl’s website here.

PBS Parents Play and Learn

A free learning app designed for aiding home learning, PBS Parents Play & Learn provides 13 games themed around recognisable locations like shops, the home or the park, with activities for younger children designed to introduce them to bilingual learning with English and Spanish.

It’s the perfect way to take advantage of those brief windows where you need what they call a ‘teachable moment’, providing bitesize fun that’s going to have children learning and loving it. Plus, it’s completely free. While it is primarily aimed at an American audience, there are a lot of very fun, very useful games South African kids will enjoy as well.

You can find PBS Parents Play and Learn’s website here.

Making Music Fun

Making Music Fun is a free website with paid additional features. They provide music lessons, supporting sheet music and activities for those looking to learn an instrument, or improve their skills at practically any age or ability level. For beginners, their free music lessons include instruments from the recorder and piano to rubber gloves bagpipes. What are rubber glove bagpipes? You’ll have to go and take a look to find out.

You can find Making Music Fun’s website here.

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Our children spend a lot more time on phones and tablets now than before, which is why it’s important to make sure they stay safe while online. Natterhub is a secure, gated social media platform for teaching children about the dangers that may lurk on social media and how the internet doesn’t have to be a scary place if you know how to use it safely.

Of course, this may not be a valid concern for your kids just yet, but as it’s completely free to sign up, there’s no danger in having it ready for when you do need it.

You can find Natterhub’s website here.

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