WATCH: This TikTok cuddle challenge is the sweetest thing ever!

There’s hardly a day that goes by that we’re not being challenged by the creators of the social media app TikTok to try out something new, whether it’s a crazy dance move, a recipe or a funny prank. And let’s be honest, it can be really entertaining.

Now, even moms and dads have got in on the action with the #CuddleChallenge and it’s a mix of toddlers loving their mamas right back and some even pulling mom’s hair to get her to stop distracting them from their cartoons.

Asked to test the reaction of their toddlers with a surprise cuddle, you see moms and dads sneaking up to their toddlers as they’re watching their favourite TV programmes. Putting their heads on their kid’s lap for a snuggle and extra love, they’ve caught the sometimes rather unexpected responses.

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Touching moments

In many of the clips you can see how absolutely adorable and loving young kids can be – if they want to of course! Even though they’re all engrossed in the programmes they’re watching, some of the toddlers reached out to hug, kiss and even stroke their mom or dad’s hair.

This toddler only has love for her mama!

@lynbakit90She’s not my own kid but I love her like my own and she does the same to me😭❤ ##cuddlechallenge♬ original sound – jamesblake

No, no, no… ok maybe…

@_bringingashleighbackHe’s the sweetest ♥️ ##toddlerchallenge ##cuddlechallenge♬ original sound – jamesblake

I love you too Mom!

@brookebowers58My girl! 💗 ##cuddlechallenge ##GotMilkChallenge ##Entrepreneur ##momsoftiktok ##fyp ##babyoftiktok♬ original sound – jamesblake

Yay time for hugs!

@jenalee.boltonTried the cuddle challenge. He’s not quite a toddler yet, but he still enjoyed a cuddle from his momma ##cuddlechallenge ##babiesoftiktok ##fyp♬ original sound – jamesblake

Not now, mom!

While most little ones really enjoyed the extra attention from their mom. others weren’t as excited about it. This toddler was not impressed with her mom’s untimely affections.

@worldofgrayThat moment your toddler become Mr Independant. ##toddlersoftiktok ##IRL ##cuddlechallenge♬ original sound – jamesblake

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