WATCH: The NEW way to change your baby’s nappy

You change your baby’s nappies in the typical way your mom (or the midwife) taught you at least a dozen times a day – in fact you can do it in your sleep. But chiropractor mom, Emily Puente, has an easy nappy-changing technique that will protect your baby’s spine.

She explains that changing a nappy in the traditional way where you lift both his legs up towards his head with your one hand, while wiping with the other, puts a lot of stress in your baby’s lower back.

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The “double leg lift” can also exacerbate colic issues, she adds.

She explains that babies who aren’t crawling yet haven’t developed the lordotic curve in their lumbar spine, and it can have a negative effect on your baby as he grows.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Take off your baby’s dirty nappy.
  • Roll him onto his side, supporting him with one arm, while you wipe with the other and reach for the nappy.
  • Slide the nappy under him and gently roll him back.
  • Bring the nappy up between the legs and attach the sides.

Watch the full tutorial she made for the Bridge Family Chiropractic website below:

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