Dad’s genius hack to get his child used to wearing a mask

While it’s not compulsory for kids under the age of 5 to wear masks at school, they’re still encouraged to do so, especially when going out to public places. But for anyone who has trouble getting their kid to put on their shoes, or wear a hat, you know it’s a big ask.

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But don’t worry because dad Leland Michael thinks he has cracked the code to getting kids to accept the mask and wear it for longer.

His thinking is that most kids will do anything for screen time. So, by enforcing a rule that your kid has to wear his mask in order to use his iPad (or whatever other screen he’s hooked to), you can easily get him used to wearing a face mask for longer. And if he still doesn’t want to, the rule is that he’ll have to find another way to keep himself amused, which, means less screen time. In Leland’s book, it’s a win-win.

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Of course, eventually you’ll have to find a way to explain to your child that often, they’ll need to wear their mask when they are NOT using their screens, whether it’s at school or somewhere else. But if you’re lucky, they’ll be so used to wearing one it shouldn’t be an issue!

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