3 clever strategies to change your busy toddler’s nappy

When your child is a newborn you’re gentle as a giant during nappy changes (they can’t really move around a lot when they’re so small which makes nappy changes considerably easier). Changing your toddler’s nappy, however, is a whole different ball game.

There’s squirming, running away, kicking (sometimes you get a foot in the face) – it’s a cardio workout on its own trying to change your tot’s nappy.

We’re here to help you take the cardio out of nappy changing with these clever tips:

Operation distraction

If you want to change your toddler’s nappy without getting a small foot in your face, the key is to get him to focus on something else.

“I always give her a small toy to play with that I know will distract her from the nappy changing,” says mom Tasneem Adams.

Mom Anita du Toit entertains her toddler by singing silly songs during nappy changes.

Ulrike Kruger’s advice to moms is to ask your child to make different animal noises. Ask him what a cow sounds like and what sound a sheep makes, etc.

Let your toddler help

Toddlers (as we’ve learned the hard way) like to do things themselves. Get your little one to fetch his nappy and hand you the wet wipes while you’re changing his nappy.

Mom, Riana Oosthuizen says she asks her tot to help her apply bum cream (which doesn’t really last very long, but it helps).

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Location, location, location

It might be time to ditch the changing table if your child is too ‘active’ during nappy changes. If you’re toddler is in the middle of a nail-biting car race or on deadline with his Lego project, just change him there on the floor while he’s playing. It might take some practice before you perfect this technique – but it’s worth the try and definitely beats a screaming toddler.

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