WATCH: Hilarious video of toddler asking mom about Spiderman’s anatomy…

When kids are obsessed with something – they want to know everything about it – but EVERYTHING! So, when this mom’s toddler asked her about Spiderman and the Hulk’s anatomy, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

Or maybe she did expect it – judging by her very straightforward yes and no answers.

Watch the video below:

When should you have the body parts talk with your kids?

Involved Parenting Conversationalist Victorine Mbong Shu says communicating with young children about sexuality is uncommon in every culture. “Yet, with cartoons disguising sexual content for younger and younger audiences, and all the sexual abuse incidences that have seen schools introducing sexuality education to lower grades, parents have to take on the guns, ready to expose their children to age-appropriate content, while preserving their innocence,” she wrote in an article for recently.

Victorine says it’s unheard of to teach a little girl that she has a vulva and a boy that he has a penis in many South African homes. “People have always had different names for these parts and that may work out well for them or not.”

Her advice: “Toddlers will find out anyway. If you have an open and honest conversation with your toddler, you are teaching them and giving them security. Better still, if you teach them about themselves and what makes up their bodies.”

There you have it moms, it’s better to have the body parts conversation with your tot sooner rather than later. Not only won’t you be caught off guard when your little one asks you about his favourite superhero’s body parts, but you’ll also be protecting your child because it’s better for them to learn these things from you than other sources that are not age-appropriate.

Read the full article on when to have the body parts talk with your kids here.

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