WATCH: Gail Mabalane and daughter’s dance sums up 2020 perfectly

We think the whole of South Africa can relate to this dance of Gail Mabalane and her daughter, Zoe. We were all dressed up for New Year’s throwing our dance moves around to celebrate what a good year 2020 will be. It’s going to be our year – it’s going to be amazing…

Fast forward three months later and well… pretty much the same thing happened as in the video below. THINGS DID NOT GO AS PLANNED!

We just can’t get enough of Gail and Zoe’s facial expressions in the video – it’s the whole of South Africa’s facial expressions summed up in an instant.

We’re not sure what went wrong, but it looks like little Khumo got a little too excited about all the dancing (didn’t we all?)

Watch the video below:


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