WATCH: Kate Hudson’s 1-year-old joins her mom for yoga and it’s soooo cute!

Any mom who’s tried to work out with a toddler will know what it’s like trying to get anything done…but we can’t help having a giggle over Kate’s adorable daughter using her mommy’s legs to do her own routine.

The stunning 41-year-old actress took to Instagram to share a video of her daughter Rani Rose Hudson Fujkawa gate-crashing her early morning fitness routine.

Dressed only in a pair of pink panties and a bra, her hair still damp from her shower, Kate is on her yoga mat, her phone propped up in front of her. She’s doing her best to follow an online yoga class…that is, until Rani Rose decides to hook her arms around her legs to add some extra weight as Kate goes into downward dog pose.

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As Kate lowers into plank, her daughter keeps her face pressed between her thighs, holding on for dear life, as her mama repeats the exercise and lowers herself to the floor to get ready for instructions on the next pose.

In the background you can hear the instructor saying that if the viewer has a “friend nearby they can help by pulling the feet back as they reach into the Bow pose.” Of course, little Rani Rose is delighted when her mommy asks her if she’d like to help…crawling over Kate and proving just how good a helper she can be.

“Been there,” says one viewer with laughing and crying emojis. And we can so relate.

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