Photos of 3-year-old lending a helping hand to Ackermans staff goes viral

Mom, Gwen Vermeulen must be so incredibly proud of her 3-year-old son who helped Ackermans staff clean before they closed up shop.

According to a report by Briefly, Gwen and her toddler went to a Ackermans store recently – the mom says they got there a little late and that some staff members were already busy cleaning before closing time.

Her son decided that it would not be right to let the ladies clean by themselves so he picked up a mom and started helping.

Toddler helps Ackermans Staff Clean

Image: Facebook #ImStaying / Gwen Vermeulen

The mom posted the photos of her son’s act of kindness in the #ImStaying Facebook Group. The post has already received more than 15 000 likes and 1 000 comments!

What people think of this toddler’s work ethic:

“Hahaha. This one can’t fold hands and watch. He wants to be part of the game. Big up little one,” Phumzile Hlengwa commented.

“What a gentleman,” said Tomoyi Mafungwase WoSomkhanda.

“You are raising a man,” said Thandeka Julie Nkuna.

“This is the Man-generation we prayed for…. our girls are safe with this gentle and helpfulness…… cute,” said Kati Kubayi.

There are 100’s of comments from moms and dads praising the Gwen her husband for their son’s good manners and upbringing.

Well done Mom and Dad – and you young man, for your kind heart.

See Gwen’s original post below.

Toddler helps Ackermans Staff Clean

Image: Facebook #ImStaying / Gwen Vermeulen

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