Moms share what they miss most during lockdown and we totally feel them!

It’s been 126 days since the last time we were able to see our family and friends and give them a hug. We’ve had to give birth to our babies in isolation, have pavement drive-by baby showers and visit granny on Zoom. It’s been a tough couple of months – we’ve been in lockdown longer than we’ve been ‘free’ so far this year and it’s really getting to moms.

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We asked you what you miss most during the lockdown. This is what you said:

“Going out with my baby. She looks so bored alone with adults in the house.” – Dlamini Vuyisile

Vicky Freeman agrees, saying she misses taking her baby out and catching up with other moms.

“Taking my kids to preschool and seeing those happy faces when they meet their friends, and collecting them after school coming running to me telling me how school was – priceless moments but now…” – Mafusi Mokoena

“Seeing friends and family. Seeing my granny who is 86! She fell during lockdown and cracked her arm but we’re not allowed in where she lives.” Renée Jansen van Vuuren

“The simplicity of life!!!” Chanell Janse van Rensburg

“Being able to go to the Zoo.” Kerry Bennett

“Definitely seeing my sister, she lives in a different province. And also, our family gatherings. I miss my family and would have loved for them to meet my 3-week-old beautiful baby girl.” Melanie Weideman

“Being able to leave home without worrying that we’ll get sick.” Liang Tasneem

“Being able to visit my parents in another province and taking my kids to play areas at restaurants.” San-Marie Jolliffe

“My kids being excited to see me come home after work.” Lee Heugh

Jean-Mari Redelinghuys says she misses people. She says her child is very introverted because they’re not able to see anyone.

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