WATCH: Toddler telling mom to calm down is hilarious and sad at the same time

Discipline is a normal way of life in most homes in South Africa, but it seems the new generation of kids have developed rather “unique” ways to avoid getting their punishment handed out to them.

A video of a mom sharing her toddler’s reaction after he was caught out being naughty has gone viral – and it has moms laughing (we all need a bit of a giggle right now).

We’re not exactly sure what the tot did, but it sounds like he took something he wasn’t supposed to eat without permission.

When his mom asks him to give her his hand, he starts crying and tells her to “just calm herself down” and that she should “have a small rest”. He even goes so far as demonstrating to her just how she should do it…it’s hilarious!

Watch the video below:

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