WATCH: This celeb cutie is a TikTok pro and she’s only 4!

Time to shake it up moms and practice your “wipe it down” and “savage” challenges because there’s a few celebrity kids giving us a run for our money!

In her latest video 4-year-old Heiress Harris, the youngest daughter of rapper TI and Xscape singer\songwriter ‘Tiny’ Harris, shows off on her personal account @heiressdharris with this take to the “wipe it down” TikTok challenge, set to the music of BMW Kenny. Exuding confidence and talent, she gets on down while blowing kisses and throwing victory signs as if she owns it! Music and entertainment obviously runs through her veins!

Judging by the applause from her followers, a star has already been born. And don’t she know it!

With her more than 353 000 fans already, chances are she might just become as famous as her parents.

Watch the video below:

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