Moms share their tips to prep for a C-section and recovery afterwards

If you’re delivering your baby by C-section, chances are that you’re scared and really nervous – especially if this is your first baby – and of course with the COVID-19 pandemic reaching its peak in South Africa, your partner might not be able to be with you all the time.

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The mommies from the #MomLife Facebook group have this advice to help you prep for the big day, and great tips for the recovery process afterwards:

  • Try not to work yourself up too much the night before the surgery – stay calm and focused.
  • Ask if you can wear socks during the surgery – the theatre is quite cold.
  • Don’t pack a heavy bag, and pack clothes that you can easily put on yourself. Your husband may not be allowed to come to your room to help you dress or carry your bag when you get discharged because of COVID-19 protocols at hospitals.

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  • Pack comfy slippers that are easy to walk in in your hospital bag and a comfy easy-to-slip-on top or PJ’s – the nurses will put this on for you after the surgery.
  • Get some granny panties! You don’t want a low-cut panty’s seam to irritate your wound.
  • Ask the nurses to put the catheter in after the epidural.
  • Don’t look at the light above your head during the surgery. It can sometimes reflect what the doctors are doing.
  • Start moving the moment the catheter is out and use your pain killers as prescribed – don’t wait until you’re in pain before taking them.
  • Start taking stool softeners the moment you can walk. The pain medication can cause constipation and your insides will be sluggish from the spinal.
  • Walk a lot and stand up straight – it’s going to hurt, but it will get better.
  • Get as much rest as you can while you’re still in hospital.
  • If you want to cough or sneeze, put a pillow on your stomach so it doesn’t hurt as much.
  • Expect to have a few ingrown hairs along your scar for a while and don’t be scared to wash your scar line.
  • Your first poop or two will be terrifying after the surgery – but everything will be okay.

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