HEARTBREAKING: Mom dies during childbirth

When a mom gives birth to her baby, it’s usually met with big cheers and celebrations by family and friends. But as every mom will tell you, sometimes your pregnancy journey is a little more complicated than others.

This really hit home for Twitter user, @ceejayboss1, who shared the heartbreaking news that his sister, who’d waited five years for her child, died giving birth to her baby.

“We just see women deliver babies and rejoice, but we have no idea the agony they go through… and some don’t even die,” he Tweeted.

He described his sister Lita as someone who led a “simple life” and was “always smiling and looked forward to so many things”. He shared with his followers that he “felt something wasn’t right” but that he didn’t realise she was “struggling for dear life.”

He’s now pledged to dedicating his life to pray for pregnant women, “that God should watch over them from the moment of conception until the time of delivery.”

In another Tweet he said the only consolation for the family is that the baby boy survived. He said he’d tell his nephew about his mom and how she’d prayed for him.

His posts triggered a lot of emotions with people sharing their condolences and prayers for the family.

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