These parents were told they COULD NOT name their baby that!

As South African moms and dads know well, there’s a lot of emphasis placed on a baby’s name in some religions and cultures. So, when a UK couple recently decided to name their baby boy Lucifer, you can just imagine the stir it caused.

So much so, that when they tried to register their baby’s name, their request was turned down by the local registrar.

According to The Sun, Dan and Mandy Sheldon said they were surprised at the reaction because they thought it was a nice name – a unique one.

“I tried to explain we are not religious people, and Lucifer in Greek means ‘light-bringer’ and ‘morning’, but she [the registrar] wouldn’t listen,” Dan explained in the interview.

Apparently, the registrar told them the baby would never be able to get a job and teachers wouldn’t want to teach him as a reason for turning down the registration.

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In the aftermath of the baby’s naming debacle, the couple have subsequently won a battle against the registrar for their right to keep their baby’s name.

“We apologise if they were offended, but it’s the job of the registrars to advise in these matters,” said a spokesperson from the Derbyshire County Council. “Sometimes people are not aware of certain meanings or associations around certain names.”

Choosing a name is not easy

While the UK couple have stuck to their guns with the name they selected for their baby, it highlights just how difficult it can be to choose a name for your baby with so many influences around you. And, according to a report by WalesOnline on a new study by, some parents really do regret their baby name choice later on.

Of the 5 842 people surveyed, 73% said they’d thought of better names after naming their child. The main reason cited was because they thought the name didn’t suit their child.

Others regretted their baby name choice because they said they’d gone along with what their partner wanted. Their child being teased by other children at school, or a celebrity that had named their child the same, were other top reasons for regretting their child’s name.

According to the survey, the name Hunter is currently the most regretted name for boys in the UK. And for girls, it’s the name Aurora.

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