This local online baby registry lets you put together a baby shower gift wish list for friends and family

As first-time moms, Kim Grant and Nikki Banner experienced first-hand the overwhelming task of preparing their lives, and homes, to welcome a newborn baby.

Searching to equip themselves with all the necessary baby products they’d need, they say they found a confusing and disappointing trend. “Trying to find trustworthy advice, unbiased product reviews and quality goods that didn’t come with an endless list of chemicals, seemed to be impossible,” says Nikki.

And when it came time for the inevitable baby shower, they say their frustrations were compounded, each receiving countless duplicates of products that they felt didn’t cater for their needs.

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Inspired to find a way to help other expectant moms overcome the issues they had encountered, Nikki and Kim began working on the idea of creating a bespoke platform that would have a positive impact on moms around the country.

Their online site, Babalust,  is a virtual treasure chest that gives moms-to-be access to a range of high-quality, bespoke baby products, all hand-picked by Kim and Nikki along with recommendations and reviews by a network of local moms.

“It’s a registry that not only provides a solution to how to avoid the inevitable pile of 0-3 month old baby gros that end up gathering dust at the back of the cupboard, but importantly, does all the hard work of researching and sourcing quality local products for expecting moms easier,” explains Nikki.

What’s great about this platform is that it showcases some of South Africa’s leading baby brands and even more importantly in these uncertain and difficult times, helps support small and local businesses.

‘’We wanted to give moms the ability to create their own “baba list” – an online checklist that you can send to your family and friends detailing exactly what you’ll be needing in the lead up to your baby shower,” adds Nikki.

How it works

To create your babalust list, all you need to do is register and you’re good to go. Once you’ve registered you can start browsing through the products available and click on the items you’re keen on and would like your friends and family to know about. From prams and strollers, car seats and nursery décor, to clothing, feeding and playroom items, there’s an extensive list of gorgeous goodies to check out.

In turn, if your friends and family are looking for a gift to give you, they can visit the site and browse through the registry you’ve created and choose a gift you’d like them to purchase for you. At checkout they can add a special message and select whether they want it to be gift wrapped (at a small additional fee) and delivered free of charge directly to your baby shower, or sent to them so they can wrap it themselves before giving it to you.

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