20 things first-time moms wish they’d known before they had their babies!

Isn’t it funny how we all think we know what life will be like when our first baby comes. We’re warned to expect the unexpected, from projectile vomit and green poo, to opinionated advice from our mothers-in-law. But one thing’s for certain, it’s one helluva adventure from the word go.

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We asked you what you wished you knew before you had your first baby. Here are some of the things you wished you’d had a heads up on.

  • The importance of a routine and how it helps with baby sleep habits! – Nicole Mokoena
  • That the body changes and your baby is your new handbag everywhere you go…- Dudu Ncube-Kadram
  • You really don’t need all the fancy things. Babies need food, warmth and lots of love – Sonell Van Wyk
  • If, while settling your baby to sleep, and he briefly opens his eyes, do NOT make eye contact! – Samantha Anne Crawford
  • Sometimes, just let your baby be – stop fussing all the time. – Kerileng Makhetha
  • That breastfeeding is hard and takes time to establish Madina Mahmood
  • It’s OK to say no to visitors. Jennifer Muller
  • That the maternal feeling may take a while to kick in. – Lisa Coventry Anderson
  • Don’t buy expensive clothes, or toys – they like the box it comes in more! – Kerry Bennett
  • Accept help when it’s offered and babies cry a lot. Some of the old wives’ tales are dangerous for baby, but a lot of the ones for moms are great. – Trinisha Haralall
  • That newborns don’t always sleep between feeds! – Tammy Jacks
  • To trust your God-given maternal instinct and not allow “the experts” to mom shame you when you know what’s best or needed for your baby. – Daniela van der Riet
  • Take a nap with your baby – maybe the afternoon nap if you can. You are not a machine! We mothers tend to try and do everything when baby is sleeping… – Melany Alexander
  • Put your baby down after burping and feeds. I kinda spoiled my LG – and hope I don’t do this again. – Ivory Pillay Chetty
  • They’ll never remember all the expensive toys they got but all the times you were there to hold their hand. – Danielle Gericke
  • That kids are gross…poop, snot, puke, messy, they hit and biteMaryke De Beer Liebenberg
  • How wonderful cloth diapers are. Liang Tasneem
  • Which floorboards creakCherene Walsh Heiber
  • They have no manual…– Dlamini Vuyisile

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