10 Foods to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

Are you breastfeeding your little one and trying to increase your breast milk supply?

If you want to increase your breast milk supply, talk to your pediatrician first and then contact a lactation specialist.

Doctors do not specialize in lactation and since many modern societies expect women to breastfeed in private, and in seclusion, there are too many myths about breastfeeding that are incorrect. Some “common knowledge” can even reduce your supply!

A lactation consultant can suggest nursing and pumping techniques as well as herbal teas and supplements. In addition, here are some foods that could help.Oatmeal with blueberries

1. Oatmeal

A nourishing bowl of oatmeal has properties that could also help with lactation. Oatmeal is a great comfort food while breastfeeding and is packed with nutrition.

“When a woman sits down and eats a bowl of oatmeal, it may help her to relax, which in turn may cause her body to release oxytocin (a hormone involved in milk production). Also, being relaxed may help with the milk let-down process.”  ~Just Mommies

If you have a gluten sensitivity (celiac disease), consume oats with caution.

2. Spinach

It is important to get enough iron when you are breastfeeding and spinach is loaded with it, along with other vitamins and minerals. Having a large salad of greens is a great way to go. This also makes a light meal if you are working to lose pregnancy pounds.

3. Garlic

If you’re a lover of garlic, this one can be an easy add. Garlic is an age-old, go-to for nursing mothers wanting to increase their breast milk supply. A little goes a long way. Add it to your soups and pasta, or enjoy some garlic bread made with fresh garlic!

4. Nuts

Almonds are a good choice in the nut category. They have healthy fats that will nourish both you and your baby and help with baby’s brain development. Macadamia nuts and cashews are also an option as long as you and your baby don’t have nut allergies.

5. Sesame Seeds

“High in calcium, sesame seeds are one of the best seeds for increasing milk supply.” ~BellyBelly

You can eat these by themselves or sprinkle them on your soups and salads. You will want to eat the seeds husked or crushed to get the full nutrient benefits.Grilled salmon with vegetables and rice

6. Salmon

Be careful about the mercury with this one. You want to make sure you get good quality, wild (not farmed) salmon, and consume no more than twice per week. If you have it available, this is a great option. Salmon is full of healthy DHA for baby’s growth and development.

7. Eggs

Protein is even more important when you are breastfeeding and eggs are packed with it.

“Eggs are an excellent way to help meet your body’s demands for protein.” ~SmartMom

8. Carrots

A great way to boost your lactation is with carrot juice. You will want to drink it fresh pretty quickly after juicing to get all the nutrients. Vitamin A can boost the quality of your milk. If the weather is cold, try pureed carrot soup.

9. Brown Rice

A nourishing and comforting food, brown rice can boost your energy and help balance your hormones while also increasing your breast milk supply. Brown can be a better choice than white for keeping your blood sugar level low.

10. Lactation Cookies

If you are someone who loves cookies, this recipe is for you! These cookies may help with lactation while also making you feel like you are getting a treat. Flaxseed meal, oats, and brewers yeast make these cookies a healthier concoction.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water, too! It helps more than you think!


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