How to Choose a Good Baby Carrier

When you have a baby, you feel like you’ve instantly turned into a superhuman who can do several things at the same time or carry multiple items while also carrying your baby.

Remember how many times each day you’re able to cook meals and prepare milk in bottles with one hand? Think about those moments you carried grocery bags in one hand and your baby in the other.

It’s just amazing. But sometimes, these things could still be challenging—how you wish you have four sets of arms and hands to do all your tasks at the same time you’re carrying around your baby. However, it’s only possible to get those extra pairs of hands working for you by asking your husband and other people for assistance. You know, that solid support system you can have at home.

That’s not always the case though. A typical scenario is that one parent works at the office the whole day while the other is left at home. Alone. So, the mom is left with no choice but to multitask even when it’s not possible to put her baby in its crib. Think about it as mom’s version of strength-training workout at home.

Good thing, baby carriers are made so that moms can somehow carry their baby around hands-free. With a good baby carrier, you can go about your day, accomplish your chores and even accept a home-based job. You might also want to read the valuable tips from this article.

In recent years, manufacturers have found a way to come up with various kinds of this essential item. First-time parents might have a hard time choosing the best one for them since there are numerous options available. We totally understand. This is why we came up with several tips that can help you out.

Know the Options You can Choose from

As mentioned, there are different kinds of baby carriers. Before buying one, you need to be familiar with each one of them. They are made from different materials—each with its own unique design made for varying needs and purposes.

Here are the most common types:

  • Slings

These are lightweight fabrics that you can bring anywhere without any hassle and bulk. They come in a variety of colors and styles. You wear it sash-like over your shoulder while the baby is placed in front of you. It can be multi-purpose—a carrier plus a cover when you need to breast-feed outdoors. Thus, this is great for newborn babies.

You just need to be careful when positioning your baby in it as it may slip off the bottom of the sling if not done carriers and slings

  • Wraps

Wraps look a lot like slings. They are also made of fabric. Its name is essentially how you use it—you wrap the fabric around your body and your baby and that’s pretty much what it’s all about. It’s perfect for newborns because its design provides a familiar feeling of comfort inside a mother’s womb.

  • Front Packs

These are good for toddlers who are already capable to keep their balance for their upper body. A baby who’s not yet able to keep its head upright isn’t suitable for a front pack. Either a wrap or sling would be a better choice if that’s the case.

Front packs are also lightweight and portable. It’s easy to bring anywhere, especially when you’re out and about. Many designs available in the market allow you to carry your baby facing towards you or opposite your body. This versatility allows your baby to explore the scenes surrounding them. A fun learning experience indeed when you’re doing your strolls.front packs

  • Back Packs

Because they are designed to carry your baby like a literal backpack, they are made to be super secure and durable. It would be super easy to do your weekly grocery shopping even when you take your baby with you. Back Packs are great for older toddlers who love piggyback rides.

It would be fun for them to be carried in this way. It provides them a comfortable position that enables them to explore sights and sounds. For the parent itself, carrying the baby in a backpack is comfortable and convenient.back pack

Define Your Needs

How old is your baby? What is he able to do? Can he keep his balance already? Or is he a newborn? The four common choices of the best baby carriers we included in the list above could cater to varying ages and needs. For example, a wrap wouldn’t be comfortable for a one-year-old baby while a backpack isn’t surely suitable for a three-month-old.

You also need to consider where and when you’re going to use it often. If you need to use it outdoors most of the time, it should be made of lightweight material and it should be super portable. It must also be comfortable for both of your baby and you. Otherwise, you might experience some serious body aches at the end of the day or your baby might throw tantrums the whole time.

What’s the usual climate like in your town? Is it warm and humid? In this kind of weather, you’ll prefer using lightweight and breathable fabrics. On the other hand, materials like heavy knits would be great for colder seasons. It’s good to have both of these kinds so you can use the right one for a particular weather.

Durability is an important factor to consider. First of all, a durable baby carrier would give you a sense of security that your baby is fine even when you’re not directly holding him. It’s common sense though to check on him every once in a while, to determine whether he’s tightly and comfortably secured around your body.

Last but not least, consider your budget. Shop around for good deals. You’ll surely find more affordable choices if you don’t hurry.

Who says you can’t be productive in your other tasks if you have a baby? A great baby carrier can make that possible!

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