6 ways to help Dad bond with baby

As you welcome your newborn into your family you may have noticed you’ve had more opportunities to bond with baby than your partner. Perhaps because of breastfeeding, or having a better understanding of all the new baby products in your home—whatever the case, it’s normal for your husband to feel lost (and overwhelmed) in his role as he adjusts into fatherhood.

dad and baby

Encouraging dad and giving him opportunities to take an active role is so important in helping him create his own special bond with baby. But it’s important for you, too. By getting dad more involved, you’ll be able to take some of the responsibility off your own shoulders.  

Here are 6 ways to give dad opportunities to become confident in his new role.

1. Bottle feeding

There is such a special bond that happens when you feed your newborn. Giving dad the opportunity to experience that too will strengthen his bond with your new little one.

Whether formula or breastmilk, having dad in charge of a feeding or two a day means an extra few hours of sleep or being able to get out of the house for a few hours on your own, which helps you with the physical and mental load of new motherhood and helps dad get closer to baby.

2. Diaper duty

Don’t let dad talk his way out of this one! This is a great way for dads to help out and get some one-on-one time with baby. Plus, in the first few weeks of motherhood, you have your own diapers to change.

3. Story time

Whether in the morning or at bedtime or both, giving baby and dad set one-on-one time helps them build their bond. Plus, it’s never to early to start reading to your baby. Here’s some story time ideas.

4. Bath time

Have dad in charge of nighttime bath routine. They’ll have fun in the suds listening to some tunes and it’ll help them both get relaxed before bedtime.

5. Bedtime

Here’s another tip that will benefit you both. If you’re always running point on the bedtime routine, you might get stuck as the only one that can get your baby to sleep. Getting dad involved in the bedtime routine from the start will help them bond and ensure that their both comfortable getting to bed without you, so you can sneak off to get some rest for yourself.

Set dad up for success by adding Zen Sleepwear™ to the bedtime routine checklist. It’s gently weighted to mimic your touch and helps babies fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer so dad gets a little extra support and baby gets some extra comfort!

dad bonding with baby at bedtime

6. Daddy & me groups

Find a local Daddy & Me weekly get together – you can find these at the local brewery, library, or playground meet ups. It gives dad a chance to meet other fathers, build bonds, and gain support.

Remember that no matter how Dad decides to get involved, it’s important to give him space in these activities to really grow into his role—which means you can pour a glass of wine and take a relaxing bath knowing that dad and baby are busy developing a bond that will last forever.

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