8 Secret dad sleep hacks: REVEALED!

New moms often think they know all the right ways to get baby to sleep at bedtime. (Mostly, they do.) But dads do things a bit differently. We’ve put together some ingenious dad hacks that may teach us moms a thing or two. And when it comes to getting more sleep, most moms are open to anything—even daddying. 

Dad sleep hack #1: Spotify, baby

While moms may turn to Twinkle-Twinkle at bedtime, dads suspect their babies have more sophisticated taste. As part of their bedtime routine, they create unique playlists that include everything from the Beatles to Cardi B. What tunes calm your baby? The results may surprise you.

Dad sleep hack #2: Make your ride the ultimate Dream Car

Babies tend to fall asleep in their car seat (often, the bane of parents trying to keep to a nap schedule). But dads work it, creating a little souped-up sleep sanctuary in the back seat, and calibrating some naptimes to long, soothing car rides.

Dad sleep hack #3: It’s not a changing tote, it’s a man-bag

Diapers, bottles, formula, loveys: when you’re out and about with baby, there’s a lot to carry around. Dads know the drill: its not just about having a highly efficient diaper bag, it’s about having one that fits your style. Who knew that on-the-go naps could be such a fashion statement.

Dad sleep hack #4: Be Bath-man, superhero

A warm bath and gentle massage is a surefire way to calm baby at bedtime; an essential part of every smart parent’s sleep routine. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Dads often use bathtime as a fresh opportunity to connect with their little ones, playing for smiles, laughs, and kisses.

Dad sleep hack #5: The secret Houdini shirt trick

When your baby naps, you don’t want to be doing laundry—you want to nap, too. Some dads turn their shirts inside-out at feedings, then jut flip it to leave the house. Gross, you say? Agreed. But hey, if it saves you a laundry load….

Dad sleep hack #6: Hang the mobile higher

Often, dads can reach a little higher than moms, and that comes in handy when hanging your crib mobile. If you hang it slightly higher than baby’s sight-line—as opposed to at eye-level—it tires out little eyes, so baby gets drowsy, faster.

Dad sleep hack #7: Move that butt

What’s dad doing, wiggling baby’s butt? Actually, little wiggles down below make baby’s head wiggle, too, which soothes her to sleep. Start a little faster, then slow it down over time. It’s dad-approved magic.

Dad sleep hack #8: Keep dad’s touch going, all night long

Dads may have the touch at bedtime, but you can keep it going with Zen Sleepwear.™ Just dress your baby in a Zen Swaddle® or Zen Sack™ every time you put her down. Gently weighted to mimic a parent’s soothing touch, your baby will feel wrapped in mom and dad’s embrace all night long. She’ll fall asleep faster and sleep longer—and so will you.

Happy daddying!

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