Double trouble: sleep tips for twins

As new parents of twins, you’ve probably already discovered that you’d have an easier time wrangling an oiled-up octopus than you have at getting your adorable duo to sleep at the same time. 

Twin sleep tips

Luckily, we have some expert tips that may help.

Create a routine you love

Your twins’ nightly bedtime routine should be simple, calming, and consistent.

Sleep routines should be largely the same every single time. Your babies look to you for cues, so a consistent routine will create some clear ones and you’ll see how establishing new habits can help Mama get her groove back.

How to do it: Whether you want to do a bath and lullabies or infant massage and story time, what really matters is that you choose activities you’ll stick with and that help your babies wind down so they’re ready for sleep. Get some ideas.

Take control of nap time

Speaking of schedules, naptime should be coordinated as well. Though parents of singletons may choose to allow their little one to decide when they want to snooze, parents of twins quickly find out that having a Baby A and Baby B alternating their midday shuteye is far more problematic.

How to do it: Try to put your twins down for naps at the same time. Get your sample schedule here. You may learn that one baby goes down easier than the other, but hand out extra back rubs or cuddles and you may see progress and synchronization sooner than you think. Zen Sleepwear™ can help.

If you feed one, feed the other

It’s perfectly normal for young babies to wake up hungry in the middle of the night, but having twins who want to alternate snack times could leave you questioning your sanity.

How to do it: Instead of hopping out of bed every hour, sync up feedings. This may mean feeding the baby who’s awake and then offering the one who’s still sleeping a dream feed, when you rouse them just enough to nurse and then ease them back to bed.

Be strategic with their sleepwear

Not all jammies are created equal. Dress your little one in Zen Sleepwear™ and they get soft, adorable pajamas that are also gently weighted to mimic your soothing touch. That way, even when you’re busy with your other baby or trying to get some sleep of your own, the cuddles can continue.

How it works: Zen Sleepwear uses gently weighted Cuddle Pads™ that provide a comforting pressure proven to help babies fall asleep faster and sleep longer, just like your touch does. Try it out. 

Know when to go with the flow

The goal isn’t some picture-perfect sleep schedule but rather finding ways to give everybody what they need. You’re all individuals, and sleep schedules—much like bottles, diapers, and chocolate bars—aren’t one-size-fits-all.

How to do it: Sometimes you’ll have to accept that your babies may naturally never be on the exact same schedule. In that case, it’s OK to give the one who’s already sleeping through the night their own room so the more restless twin isn’t constantly waking up their brother or sister.

Focus on small goals rather than rapid change

Expecting your night owl baby to suddenly roll back their bedtime from 11 p.m. to 8 p.m. is about as likely as them potty training before they can walk. In other words … nope. Setting realistic goals prevents disappointment and keeps you motivated.

How to do it: 

  • If you’re trying to adjust the time your kiddos go to bed, move things fifteen minutes every other night until you’re where you want to be.
  • Rather than night weaning all at once, gradually shorten feeds until you can cut one out altogether, then repeat. 

Remember, one small step for you is a major step for all parent kind — celebrate your achievements, because you’re seriously rocking this whole twin thing!

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