Do you know the top 8 napping mistakes most moms make?

You already know napping boosts healthy body and brain development. But new parents need flexibility. Hey, you’ve got things to do, places to go. Who wants to be a slave to a nap routine?

You do. It doesn’t take long to find out that consistency is the key to developing a good baby nap routine. But most moms make these mistakes first—and you don’t have to.

Mistake #1: Waiting for sleep cues

Babies naturally signal when they’re tired: they fuss, cry, rub their eyes or show disinterest in feeding. But by that point, they are often overtired, making it difficult for them to settle at naptime.

Mistake #2: Letting baby nap wherever they are

You’ve heard, ‘never wake a sleeping baby’, But cat-napping in a stroller, swing, or car seat, your baby wont get deep sleep she needs. The American Academy of Pediatrics and Mayo Clinic also recommend napping flat, not sitting up, for optimal oxygen flow.

Mistake #3: Creating sleep crutches

Rocking, nursing, swinging, singing: when baby won’t nap, moms do almost anything to make it happen. But once babies exceed 3 months, they learn to expect all these activities and can’t fall asleep—or soothe themselves through wakeups—without them.

Mistake #4: Making the crib super fun

All the decor may look absolutely adorable, but when it comes to naptime, you want as few distractions as possible—especially as you baby grows older and more alert.

Mistake #5: Skipping the bedtime routine

Bedtime and naptime are a delicate balance; as soon as one gets thrown off kilter, the other follows—and babies get overtired and fussy: even familiar wind-down rituals are a struggle.

Mistake #6: Keeping her up, so she’ll sleep in

Later bedtime, later wake-up: seems logical right? Unfortunately, a baby’s internal clock wakes her up around the same time every morning—even without a good night’s sleep She’ll be overtired the next day. And that means fussiness at naptime.

Mistake #7: Eliminating naps too soon

You’ve heard that as babies get older, they start taking fewer—but longer—naps, and bedtime can be moved a few hours earlier as a result. Maybe she napped twice a day this week—but now seems overtired. How  do you know when to start transitioning to fewer naps?

Mistake #8: Expecting quick results

Napping success takes patience: routines take time to form (babies under 3 months don’t even know the difference between night and day yet!), and habits take time to break. But being patient when you’re sleep-deprived an be a challenge.


The key to keeping your New Year’s resolutions

It’s that time of year again…gyms are packed, fridges are stocked with fruits and veggies, to-do lists are full of ambition. It’s 2020, and whether you think new year resolutions are helpful or all-hype, you’ve probably got some thoughts on what your goals are for the year ahead.

If you’re like most new parents, you might be a little distracted with all the late-night feedings, a sink full of dishes, finding time for a quick shower…achieving anything other than making it through the afternoon with your newborn may feel a slightly impossible.

However, the key to keeping your 2020 goals on track is pretty simple: help your baby get more sleep. Because when your baby sleeps longer, so do you.

Think about this: when you’re tired and groggy, are you going to have the energy to cook a healthy dinner? If you’re running on fumes, will you be waking up ready to tackle your workout?

Better sleep means more motivation, energy, drive, focus, and better overall health…A.K.A. everything you need to stay on track going into the new decade. So it’s not surprising that the #1 new year resolution was to get more sleep.

Nested Bean’s Zen Sleepwear can help you get the ball rolling on your goals. Its lightly weighted Cuddle Pads mimic your gentle touch, helping soothe little ones to sleep in as little as 1 to 3 nights – which means you’ll be getting a good night’s rest in no time.

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Recipe for the perfect sleeper

It takes time and practice to whip up the perfect Thanksgiving meal. A pinch of this. A sprinkle of that. Just the right ingredients. Creating the perfect bedtime routine is no different—and since this holiday is all about sharing, we wanted to share our recipe with you.

Put together your mise en place

In the culinary world, mise en place is a method of organizing all your ingredients before you actually start cooking. It makes for a much more efficient meal prep process, preventing those frantic moments when the turkey is sizzling away and you realize you have no clue what comes next. Laying out your baby’s bedtime routine is like your mise en place—it will help you stay organized.

Make your plan: 

  • About an hour before bed, bath your little one, then diaper
  • Darken the room, turn on your white noise machine
  • Dress your baby for bed in Zen Sleepwear, gently weighted to relax your baby
  • Feed your baby, and engage in cuddle time
  • Put baby in her crib while drowsy

This is when you quietly leave the room. Thanks to the gentle weight that makes Zen Sleepwear so special, your baby will feel comforted and secure even without you there to help her drift off into dreamland.

Set the timer

  • Start your sleep routine when your baby is 5-6 weeks old.
  • Try to stick to your routine—even if your baby experiences sleep regressions. (Sleep routine changes can cause wakeups). Dressing your baby in Zen Sleepwear™ can help you maintain consistency. 

Know when to tweak the instructions

Just like some people prefer more sugar in their cranberry sauce or less garlic in their mashed potatoes, you may discover that your baby develops specific preferences, as her sleep style develops. Strike a balance between flexibility and consistency—with Zen Sleepwear.

  • If your baby is a newborn, the versatile Zen One™ swaddle has her covered for every possible change in sleep style, from birth to rolling over
  • If your baby likes feet-free sleeping, a cozy Zen Bodysuit is the perfect choice
  • If your baby prefers to sleep arms- and feet-free, try a Zen Footie™


There are a lot of elements that go into the perfect sleep routine. But we think you’ll find these ingredients as reliable as Grandma’s recipe for sausage and sage stuffing. You’ll find your baby will fall asleep faster and sleep longer: something every parent can be thankful for.

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